dont need a sleep coach

who’s gonna tell them… (That all of these statements have issues) Do these sleep statements sound familiar? Comment or send me a DM for your options that WORK. No strings attached.

I think we can all agree that Sex Over Snoring & ED

👉🏼Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may impact blood flow, hormones and the likelihood of your partner sleeping far away from your snoring. 🤯Treatment with CPAP has been shown to have a positive effect on erectile dysfunction (ED) Better quality sleep = better quality sex. A sleep test at home and treatment from a qualified provider can … Read More

…or snoring 😬

Research proves that sleep deprivation can decrease libido in men and women! Snoring isn’t sexy or easy for your partner to sleep through. It can also be a sign of a serious medical condition #sleepapnea The good news? Improved sleep quality can improve hormones that regulate blood flow & mood 😉

Feeling really down, idk why

What a mystery 😜 …I tell myself then realize I haven’t had any water or movement all day Looking to improve your mood and sleep? 💪🏼 exercise is known to improve sleepiness and deep sleep ☀️ outdoor light can strengthen your circadian rhythm for better sleep and wake experiences 💧 hydration and nutrition also play … Read More

“My insurance only requires 4 hours a night”

“My insurance only requires 4 hours a night” That might be true… but your physical and mental health require all night, every night😉 You ONLY get the health benefits when you use CPAP and Oral Appliances. So, 4 hours on and 2 hours off means those 2 hours are completely untreated, leaving you at risk … Read More

cpap recall- settlement $$ for patients

😷 💵 Earlier this month, the claims period opened up for patients to receive up to $479 million. Make sure you have alternative treatment for your OSA if you were affected by the recall. This can be a new CPAP machine, different brand, or completely different treatment modality (like Oral Appliance Therapy), if your doctor prescribes … Read More

When it’s time for the work happy hour.

Maybe you’ve got to wake up early Maybe you’re skipping the alcohol to improve your sleep Maybe you want to get to the gym because you’ve been sitting all day Maybe you’re like me and your social battery runs out- you need alone time to recharge Remember- BOUNDARIES are IN, BURNOUT is OUT