Worst CPAP night every? Don’t quite on your worst day

Worst CPAP night ever? When you’re starting your day on the heels of a bad night of sleep, your brain is biased toward the negative. Naturally, you’re going to see your situation as more hopeless than you would if you woke up feeling great. And you will also tend to envision that bad night of … Read More

Getting rid of CPAP Lines on your face

Waking up with CPAP mask lines on your face? This problem can be solved. Listen in for some tips to get rid of those annoying mask lines! If you need more help getting comfortable with your CPAP mask, check out my CPAP mask tips guide: https://www.supersleepmd.com/cpap-mask-guide

The advantage of CPAP in the winter

How to handle rainout and what to do if you have a cold. Should you still use your CPAP? Cleaning your CPAP is essential, especially if you have a cold. Download my free guide to get a cleaning schedule for each part, step-by-step instructions on how to clean, an at-home cleaning kit, and a CPAP … Read More

How much CPAP cleaning is necessary?

Cleaning your CPAP supplies is essential for comfortable and effective therapy. And replacing your CPAP supplies is essential for good hygiene. There are several mechanical cleaning machines available. Some use ozone (also called activated oxygen or O3) and some use UV light. They start at $150 or so and go up to several hundred dollars. … Read More

4 Things People Get Wrong About Their Sleep

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How long before I feel better with CPAP

How long does it take to feel better with CPAP? Find out the answer, and learn how you can make that time as short as possible. Treating your sleep apnea shouldn’t be a struggle. Is CPAP right for you? Check out my free guide to find out the 9 top contributors to sleep apnea, what … Read More

21+ CPAP Alternatives

Are you wondering what other options you have for treating sleep apnea besides CPAP therapy? I have put together a set of videos and worksheets in a course called 21+ CPAP Alternatives to help you learn what you need to know about more than 21 CPAP alternatives. Listen to this video to learn more about … Read More