Tips for SLEEP TRAINING | One Thing to Start Tonight

There’s one thing you can start tonight that will help you and your toddler get more sleep. Here are a few tips for sleep training. The ONE thing you can start tonight to improve your toddler’s sleep: _________________________ Follow me on IG @awesomelittlesleepers _________________________ FREE RESOURCES Free Toddler Sleep Masterclass: The ONE thing … Read More

Robyn’s Sleep Story | Awesome Little Sleepers

Robyn’s sleep story began with the struggle to keep her daughter in her room. She fell asleep easily but would wake up 2-4 times a night. The sleep disruptions only got worse after Robyn’s daughter started kindergarten. After working with Awesome Little Sleepers, Robyn and her family went from tired and frustrated to well-rested and … Read More

Marriage and Sleep Training | Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Sometimes marriage and sleep training don’t go together. It’s no secret that sleepless nights are part of the package when it comes to parenting – especially when you have a baby. But if sleep struggles become the norm in your house as your child gets older, you may not realize the profound impact that poor … Read More

Parenting a PICKY EATER | Interview with Alyssa Miller

Parenting a picky eater can be quite challenging. In this video, I interview dietitian Alyssa Miller on how you can start to reverse picky eating and get your child to actually eat what you make for them. Yes, that is possible! Alyssa is a dietitian that specializes in helping parents raise happy, healthy, and independent … Read More