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Better Life for Shiftworkers – Easier Life for Managers Alert@Work brings you real solutions based on leading-edge research and practical experience in human resources, training, management, and OH&S. Through presentations, online courses, printed resources, an app, and schedule and fatigue management consulting, we help create high-performing 24/7 shiftwork workplaces.

Carolyn Schur Why Alert at Work

Since 1996, I have been working with 24/7 companies across Canada and the US. I know shiftworkers are desperately in need of health and safety education to help them Sleep Better and Feel Better and managers want to reduce absenteeism, injuries and health costs. But I can’t tell you the number of times companies are … Read More

Alert at Work Fireman Interview

Alert@Work Human Resource Services is an integrated human resource and occupational health and safety company. We understand the association between sleep, performance and health. We work with organizations throughout Canada and the United States using our expertise to optimize employee performance and minimize absenteeism, risk and health costs. Alert@Work consultants provide real solutions based on … Read More

Will we ever see the end of Shiftwork?

We tend to think of shiftwork or round-the-clock work as a modern phenomenon associated with the industrial age. However, even in prehistoric times, someone needed to be awake to protect family and friends when they were most vulnerable, that is, at night when they were sleeping. See more information at