How To Change A Diaper

Are you a new or expecting parent wondering how to change a baby’s diaper? Let me help. Here are step-by-step directions to change a diaper. Have more questions about the best diapers, wipes, and other diapering products? Head to my blog: FOLLOW TAKING CARA BABIES: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: PINTEREST:

The 80/20 Rule for Baby Sleep

A predictable routine does help little ones thrive, BUT, know this: A strict schedule simply isn’t necessary to have a good little sleeper. Let me talk with you about the 80/20 rule for baby sleep and how it can help you allow for predictability and flexibility. FOLLOW TAKING CARA BABIES: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: PINTEREST: … Read More

Introducing the Loveys – Bella Tunno and Taking Cara Babies

Let me tell you show you my favorite lovey. It’s a lovey that I designed with Bella Tunno and is the true Taking Cara Babies favorite. Please keep in mind that loveys are only considered safe for sleeping when. your little one is 12 months or older. Want to read more about loveys? My blog … Read More

Babywearing Safety Tips #babysleep #babysleeptips #takingcarababies #babywearing

For babywearing safety, remember 5 letters T-I-C-K-S: Tight In view at all times Close enough to kiss Keep chin off chest Supported back For more information on babywearing and contact naps, check out my blog: Shout out to @sollybaby for this great footage demonstrating safe babywearing!⁣ FOLLOW TAKING CARA BABIES: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: … Read More

Bedtime Routine with Siblings

Are you wondering how to do bedtime with kids of multiple ages? Do you have kids who share a room and one needs a different bedtime than the other? Watch how this mom navigates the bedtime routine with siblings. Do you need more ideas about siblings sharing a room? My blog will help: FOLLOW … Read More

First Night

Watch this mom and son on his first night in a toddler bed as she navigates his emotions and helps him feel confident in making this transition. The transition from the crib to the toddler bed can be tricky for some littles ones. My blog on the Ultimate Guide to the Toddler Bed is here … Read More

Parent Favoritism What to do when your baby only wants Mom or Dad

Do you have a child who only prefers Mom (or Dad)? I’m sharing a personal story and practical tips for what to do if your child favors one parent. You can find more tips on my blog: FOLLOW TAKING CARA BABIES: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: PINTEREST:

The Three Tanks

In this sneak peek sample of my class Toddler Sleep Training, learn about how we can make sure your toddler’s body, their mind, and their heart are prepared for sleep. Want more? This is just one video from my Toddler Sleep Training where I’ll teach you everything you need to know about toddlers and sleep … Read More