Toddler Bedtime Battles

Do you have a toddler who uses every bedtime stall tactic in the book? Do they protest naps to the point that you’re tempted to stop trying? Do you dread bedtime every night because it literally takes hours? If you answered YES to any of these questions, check out this video on handling toddler bedtime … Read More

The Ideal 1-nap Schedule

If your child is between 14-18 months and is struggling with their two-nap schedule, it might be time to transition to one nap. In this video I outline the ideal one nap schedule. For more videos, visit my website

The Ideal 2-nap Schedule

Babies between 8-15 months typically need 2 naps per day. In this video I go over the ideal 2-nap schedule, which is based on the clock as opposed to wake times. For more videos on ideal sleep schedules (and other sleep tips), visit

The Ideal 3-nap Schedule

Most babies between 4-8 months old should be taking 3 naps per day. In this video I go over the ideal schedule for a baby on 3 naps. Spoiler alert: It’s a “by the clock” schedule, not based on wake times! For more sleep tips, including ideal schedules for babies on 2 and 1 nap, … Read More

How to travel with kids and (maybe) get some sleep

If you’re planning any summer travel with your little ones, check out my travel tips! A vacation with no sleep is hardly a vacation at all, and traveling with kids is tricky! For more free sleep tips, check out my other videos:

Should my Baby’s Room be Completely Dark?

In this video I discuss the pros and cons of letting ambient light into your child’s room, as well as the benefits and trade-offs of making their room pitch black. To learn more about my services and to watch more videos, visit my website:

April 4, 2019

Toddler clocks: How and When to Introduce Them. For more videos, and to learn more about my services, visit my website: