What Is The Best Schedule For a 3, 4, 5, and 6, Month Old?

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What To Do If Sleep Training Isn’t Working

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How and When to Introduce a Lovey

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When Do Toddlers Drop Their Nap?

It’s time to talk about when is the right time for your toddler to bid farewell to their daily nap. Scary I know! I know from my own experience, it can be a bit intimidating. Determining the right time for your toddler to drop their nap is often an intuitive process but I’m here to … Read More

Can My Baby Sleep in a DockATot?

Are you a parent who has heard about the DockATot, a popular baby product that has gained widespread recognition in recent years? As with any popular product, it’s common to have questions and concerns, particularly when it comes to something as important as sleep. As a pediatric sleep consultant, I frequently receive inquiries from clients … Read More

When Can I Unswaddle My Baby?

Our Sleep Consultant on the Sleep Squad, Katie Baker, shares her tips on HOW and WHEN you should transition from swaddling to unswaddling your baby. Take a look at the accompanying blog post for even more details ➔ https://kellymurraysleep.com/the-sleepy-times/when-can-i-unswaddle-my-baby If you would like one-on-one help, you might consider working with someone on the Kelly Murray … Read More

When Can I Expect My Baby to Sleep Through the Night?

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Are Sleep Consultants Worth It?

Master Sleep Consultant, Jade LiManni, outlines the three major benefits of why sleep consultants are absolutely worth it. You can read the accompanying blog post here: https://kellymurraysleep.com/the-sleepy-times/are-sleep-consultants-worth-it

The Key to Successful Sleep Training

Have you been struggling to successfully sleep train your child? Whether your child is still having issues falling asleep, staying asleep, or napping (despite your best efforts), this video is for you. Our Senior Sleep Consultant, Meg, shares the key to sleep training success.