How to get your toddler to sleep in their own bed!

It can seem like an impossible task, and you may have people suggesting harsh tactics to help get your toddler to sleep in their bed. This mini-masterclass will give you a solid plan for helping your toddler love falling asleep in their bed. These tricks on how to gently transition toddlers to sleeping in their … Read More

The Baby & Toddler Sleep Course Tour

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When can your baby sleep through the night?

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What time should bedtime be?

In this mini Masterclass, I discuss the important question of what time a baby’s bedtime should be. I share: How to consider your child’s sleep needs, wake-up time, and desired bedtime in order to find a balanced schedule. The time children come to a natural lull that makes bedtime much easier. Your child’s natural sleep … Read More

Does your newborn stay awake for hours and hours?

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Is cry it out okay?

In this mini-masterclass, we delve into the topic of sleep training and the controversial method known as “cry it out.” We explore the different perspectives surrounding this technique and offer valuable insights on when it may be suitable and when it might not work for your child. Join me as we discover gentle, no-cry sleep … Read More