REVERSE YOUR AGE. Let me tell you how.

Hi, I’m Carla and I’m using myself as Exhibit A in support of how changing your lifestyle changes your health. With cardiovascular disease being prominent in my family I knew that I needed to up the ante if I wanted to enhance my health span and avoid checking out early. So here’s what I did: … Read More

It’s not an issue unless its an issue.

Are your #sleepissues affecting your life? Your #health? Your #happiness? The things that are important to you? Let’s change that. Drop ‘SLEEP’ in the comments to take the first step. #sleepcoach #sleepbetter #healthandwellness #onlinesleepcoach #healthcoaching #livebetter

Spring Reset

Want the solution for the TOP sleep problem I see with my clients? Check out this short 13 minute webinar for the inside scoop. I also talk about the important things to think about when it comes to sleep as we move into Spring and Summer. Book a free Clarity Call with me to chat … Read More

Record your sleep and change your habits

Record your sleep for 30 days and see what a difference it makes to your mindset around sleep and associated habits. One month of free access to the Sleep Space app using my promo code: #sleepcoach #sleephelp #insomina

A sleep coach’s morning non-negioables.

I’ve got a few non-negioables in the morning. Because what we do in the morning impacts how we sleep that same night. My routine always includes these three things: 1. Hydrate 2. Walk and morning light 3. Delay caffeine What do you do in the morning to set yourself for a great day AND a … Read More

Sleep and Physical Performance. Part II.

It’s not all bad… In part one I talked about the negative impact substandard sleep can have on physical performance. It’s time to flip it! Some of the BENEFITS you might be missing out due to shitty sleep: – speed – accuracy – reaction times And as a side note, studies show that enhanced sleep … Read More

Night two in the Camper. Lets talk about temperature!

Can you keep your cool overnight? 😎 We all know that our temperature needs to drop to get good quality sleep. So, if you dont feel refreshed in the morning but regularly wake up a sweaty mess you probably need to sort your sleeping temperature out. 1. We want our sleeping environment cold … colder … Read More

Night One in the Campervan!

It’s all about light baby. Light is the most significant external factor affecting your sleep. And light at night can either make or break a great night’s sleep. A good rule of thumb at night is to use the least amount of light possible to still be able to do what you need to do … Read More