Autism & Sleep: Understanding Autism Sleep Issue in Children

Join me as I welcome Raline Sexton, a Certified Pediatric Special Needs Sleep Coach. We will discuss autism, sleep, and ways to help your child rest and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Raline is an experienced professional and a mother of three. She serves on the New Jersey TACA panel, providing support to families … Read More

8 Month Old Sleep Schedules, Naps and Why Regressions & Short Naps Happen

In today’s episode, I cover some of the most frequently asked questions about an 8-month-old’s sleep, such as: What are 8-month-old wake windows? What causes the 8-month-old sleep regression? how much daytime sleep for 8 month old is right? 8-month-old sleep schedule? What is the ‘ideal’ 2 nap schedule for an 8-month-old? What is the … Read More

Stop Early Wakings by Hacking Your Child’s Sleep Cycles

If your child is consistently waking up early, before 6am, they could be stuck in a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation. In this episode, I share exactly how to determine why your baby or toddler could be waking early and how to fix it. This episode is for you if you are asking: -Why is … Read More

Beating the 8 Month Sleep Regression

Sleep regressions are hard, but they don’t have to derail your sleep or sleep success. Whether it’s the 7-month, 8-month, or 9-month sleep regression, in this episode, I explain why sleep regressions happen and how to fix them.

Nap Strikes

In this video, we further discuss managing nap strikes.

Reflux & Colic

In this video, we further discuss about reflux, colic and sleep coaching.