Four Checks for Short Naps

We’ve all been there – you put your baby to sleep for their nap and you’re happy to finally have time to hash out some work or clean up the house or maybe just take a break for an hour and a half. But then… like clockwork, 29 minutes later or 30 minutes or even … Read More

Why Your Toddler Is Rejecting Naps

If you have a toddler who is not napping – they’re rejecting their naps or they’re treating it like play time in their crib – I have 4 reasons that this might be happening and today I’m going to tell you all about it and give you the strategies on how to improve naps starting … Read More

Help! My Baby Is Rolling In The Crib

Somewhere around 3-5 months old you’re likely finding that your baby is no longer just stationary in their crib or bassinet! They’re trying to move this way or move that way and it is totally normal!!! But you are mildly freaking out because all the sudden you see on the monitor that they’ve rolled onto … Read More

Getting Sleep Back On Track After Traveling

You just had an amazing vacation!!! Maybe you’re headed home and you’re like.. I need to get back to my sleep expectations! It’s time to get back to schedules and routines and real life. Today I’m giving you my 2 strategies on how to get back on track after you’re home from your vacation. You’ve … Read More

How To Handle Travel Day With Your Baby

So you have an amazing vacation planned, or maybe you’re just stepping out of town for a few days… How do you handle the travel day with your baby?! In today’s video I’m giving you everything you need to know about when to leave, what your routines will be like, naps, and bedtime after that … Read More

Packing List For Traveling With Baby

When you’re traveling with your baby, it can seem like you have to pack your entire house! And I get it! Gone are the days where you can just carelessly throw a few items in your bag and head out the door. Now you have a huge list of what to pack for your baby! … Read More

When Does Separation Anxiety Peak For Babies?

Is your child going through crazy separation anxiety?! There are actually 3 ages where we can pinpoint when separation anxiety will peak and, you know me! I’m not only going to talk about what those ages are and how they impact sleep, but I’m also going to flip the script on how you’re seeing sleep … Read More

What Is Drowsy But Awake & Why It Doesn’t Work

What does “drowsy but awake” even mean? Can you even be drowsy but awake? Why are these two concepts just not matching? Why can’t you get them to work when the rest of the baby world and sleep world and Instagram world insists it’s best? In my world, “drowsy but awake” is not real and … Read More

When Is It Time To Wean Off Bottles?

Did you know that by 13 months old there should be NO bottles in your baby’s life?! According to the AAP they need to be transitioned to an open or sippy cup by this age! So, in this video, I’m going to walk through the 2 ways to transition off the bottle and why this … Read More

How To Help Your Baby Sleep While Teething

Is your baby teething and sleep is NOT a thing right now?! If you have a teething baby who is rejecting naps and nights, this video is for you! Here at Little Z’s I’ve always taken the stance that teething should not be the single reason your baby’s sleep is off. In this video I’m … Read More