Your Best Pillow for a Better Night’s Sleep

Find the secret to finding the best pillow, or the best pillow for side sleepers for 2022.

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00:00 Introduction
00:47 My two nights of great sleep many years ago
02:06 How to choose the right pillow
02:17 The one secret to choosing your best pillow
02:31 Why most people like to sleep on their side or stomach
03:22 Apply CPR using your pillow
03:32 What your airway looks like with a camera with different head positions
03:45 The truth about contour pillows
04:04 Smell the rose while you sleep
04:31 How poor breathing leads to poor posture
05:14 Strategies for better sleep if you must sleep on your back
05:34 Steps to take before buying a new mattress
05:53 Why I got rid of my contour pillow
06:07. Which pillow I currently use
06:38 Other creative options
07:22 Hotel towel pillow hack

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