Why Your Septoplasty Didn’t Work: 7 Reasons Why Your Nose is Still Stuffy After Surgery

If you’ve undergone a septoplasty and your nose is still stuffy, this video is for you. I’lll reveal what steps you and your surgeon can take to fix your breathing problem once and for all.

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✅ Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction
00:14 Why you have a deviated septum
03:21 The septoplasty procedure
04:08 7 common reasons why your septoplasty didn’t work
04:14 1. The septum was not addressed fully
04:32 2. Too conservative turbinate surgery
04:52 3. Not addressing flimsy nostrils
05:04 4. Combination of above
05:39 Two-step maneuver to determine what’s causing your stuffy nose after surgery
06:21 5. Chronic medical conditions and too much estrogen
06:41 6. Acid reflux
07:05 7. Gluten or dairy allergies
07:18 Summary

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