What Your Child’s Preschool Teacher Wishes You Knew with Elizabeth Lane

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what your child’s preschool teacher wishes you knew before your child goes to preschool or early in the year?

Whether you have a child already in preschool or one who will start preschool in the coming years, I know you’ll learn something from this episode. Elizabeth Lane is a preschool teacher at St. Anne’s-Belfield in Charlottesville, Virginia and she’s discussing how best to prepare your child for success in preschool. Listen in to hear Elizabeth and I discuss these topics:
– the tools you can help your child add to their tool box to foster independence at school
– small skills you can work on at home that will greatly improve your child’s transition to preschool
– how to navigate drop-off and deal with your child’s emotions (and your emotions!)
– the language to use with your child to help reframe the situation if they have difficulty saying goodbye to a caregiver
– how to encourage a reluctant child in the morning
– when your child is developmentally ready to learn to read
– whether or not it’s a good idea to focus on learning to read at home

Allison refers to Episode 101. The Key to Smooth Morning Routines for the School Year:

Elizabeth mentions this book – Alphabreaths – the ABCs of Mindful Breathing:

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