We Can Solve Your Baby’s Most Challenging Sleep Issues

We offer customized sleep plans and one-on-one unlimited support (in the form of texting, emails, digital sleep log communication and phone calls). This is not one-size-fits-all sleep training for your baby (or toddler/preschooler). We’re committed to your goals and we work with you every step of the way. Your sleep plan is based upon your needs and family situation alone, and how your child responds to your ways of soothing. In general, this type of sleep training involves a sort of “If/Then” process. You’ll be responding to your child while he or she is learning to sleep. If your child is showing signs of success and actively working on going to sleep, your responses will vary according to your child’s needs at that moment, and conversely, if your child is more upset, your child’s needs to be comforted/soothed will determine your responses. Please book a discovery call or see our website and book online to get started today! sleepingwellconsulting.com