Understanding The Growth Chart with Dr. Stephanie Grice – Summer Pediatrician Series #2

Have you worried about your child’s placement on the growth chart? I have to admit, as a parent of a child who was in the 5th percentile for years, I have. Today, Dr. Grice is setting the record straight about the often anxiety-inducing growth chart.

This episode is the second in our three-part Summer Pediatrician Series with Dr. Stephanie Grice. In this episode, Dr. Grice and I are discussing the growth charts pediatricians use to track a child’s growth.

The way a child “scores” on the growth chart can often cause anxiety for parents. Dr. Grice addresses this concern and explains why your child’s placement on the growth chart isn’t nearly as important as their overall growth trajectory. She also shares how the chart can help providers assess if a child is maintaining a healthy weight for their height and when it’s appropriate to stop night feedings with infants.

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