The Best Sleeping Position to Prevent Facial Wrinkles

Dermatologists and chiropractors are telling women to sleep on their back to prevent facial wrinkles. This is a bad idea since most modern humans can’t breathe properly while sleeping on their backs. This is due to slowly shrinking faces and airways over the past 100 years, mainly due to the modern soft Western diet, infant bottle-feeding, and multiple exposures to environmental toxins. In fact, for most people, sleeping on the back may cause more facial wrinkles due to much lower sleep quality.

Shrinking of the facial bones causes wrinkles to be more pronounced as you age or have poor health habits since there’s less structural support to stretch out the skin. Internally, narrowed jaws lead to laxity of upper airway soft tissues, predisposing to more narrowing while sleeping on the back, muscle relaxation during sleep, inflammation, and swelling, or even weight gain.

Medical complications happen if you’re normally a side or stomach sleep and are forced to sleep on your back (due to an injury or surgery), or voluntarily (recommended by doctors). Strategies are provided to be able to sleep on your side more comfortably.



00:00 Introduction
01:06 Woman with monthly sinus infections
01:59 Why humans can’t sleep on our backs anymore
02:35 Human faces and airways are shrinking
02:47 Popular celebrities’ face shape differences
03:33 Why wisdom teeth need to come out
03:45 Small jaws’ effect on facial skin and internal airway
04:59 How small jaws lead to a deviated nasal septum
05:13 4 factors that determine upper airway openness
07:02 Positional sleep apnea
08:06 How “stress” can give you facial wrinkles
09:09 How you can sleep on your back if needed
11:03 How to sleep on your side or stomach more comfortably
11:43 What’s the best sleep position?


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