Planning Morning Routines For The School Year

Are you struggling to find morning routines for the school year that work for your child?

🌞 Embrace Smoother Mornings with a Consistent Routine 🌞
Hey there!

👋 This week’s episode is all about transforming those hectic mornings into calm and positive experiences for your family. 🚀

We’re only a couple of weeks into September, and I’ve heard from many parents who are feeling the morning stress. I totally get it! Starting the day right is essential, and it all begins with a well-planned morning routine. 💪

In this episode, I share our journey from chaotic mornings to peaceful ones. My husband and I made a simple plan that we consistently follow, and it’s been a game-changer. 🗓️

Here’s what I cover:
✅ My one key to setting up smooth mornings
✅Three things I recommend you prep in advance
✅ Strategies to handle mornings when you’re flying solo
✅ Clear communication with your kids about the routine

Transitions can be tough for little ones, but when you communicate effectively, they’ll breeze through the morning routine with a smile! 😊

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I refer to Episode 91. A Simple Bedtime Routine That Takes 30 Minutes Or Less:

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