Orthodontics and Sleep – Orthodontics Can Improve More Than Just Your Smile with Dr. Andrew Glassick

Did you know that there can be a link between orthodontics and sleep? In today’s episode, I have a fascinating discussion with Dr. Andrew Glassick, an orthodontist in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Dr. Glassick developed a real passion for understanding how orthodontics can improve children’s health and sleep after an experience with his daughter prompted him to learn more about how the structure of the face and mouth can play a major role in our sleep and overall health.

We discuss many topics that are of interest to parents: when a tongue tie release would be appropriate, the role of myofunctional therapy before and after those procedures, what impact pacifiers and thumb-sucking have our on child’s facial structure, how orthodontic intervention can help children who deal with sleep apnea, bedwetting and even ADHD, and much more.

Dr. Glassick shares the ideal time to have your child seen by an orthodontist, what those visits will look like, and how parents can best advocate for their children in this area. We guarantee you are going to learn something new from this episode.

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