Making The Most of Your Child’s Well Visit Check Up With Dr. Stephanie Grice

Sometimes parents are unsure how to best use their child’s well visit check up appointment. I’ve got you covered.

This episode begins our three-part Summer Pediatrician Series with Dr. Stephanie Grice. In this episode, Dr. Grice and I discuss well visit check ups. We cover how you can prepare for these important visits when your child is an infant or toddler, and then as they grow into a preschooler and an early elementary age child and beyond.

Dr. Grice shares how much time is typically allotted for these visits, and what items are on the provider’s checklist to cover in that time.

I was able to ask Dr. Grice about many aspects of the well visits: dealing with a child’s anxiety or fear of going to the doctor (or receiving shots), what questions are best covered in a well visit and which ones need a separate appointment, how to deal with a sibling that tags along for the appointment, whether it’s important to consistently see the same provider, and so much more.

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