Is It Time To Lose The Soother? Answer: YES! (Well, probably..)

Hey there, tired parents! 👋 We’ve all been through the midnight soother hunt, haven’t we? It’s time to chat about that little piece of rubbery peace – the pacifier – and whether it’s really helping our babies (and us) get the best zzz’s. Our latest video is a no-judgment zone where we spill the beans on pacifiers and sleep. Plus, we’ve got a super helpful sleep course that’s been a game-changer for tons of families. Ready for better sleep? Let’s dive in!

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👶🍼 Video Scoop: To Paci or Not to Paci?
Alright, let’s talk binkies. Are they sleep saviors or sneaky little sleep snatchers? It’s not black and white – the pacifier debate is as grey as those bags under our eyes, right? The American Academy of Pediatrics gives the thumbs up for pacis in year one, but then what? Stick around as we chat about why your bundle of joy might be ready to say “night-night” to their nighttime nibbler.

🎥 Here’s What We’re Unpacking:

The love-hate relationship we all have with pacifiers
Decoding whether that pacifier is a friend or foe to your baby’s sleep
Picking the right time for a paci-parting
My personal “been there, done that” on getting kiddos to sleep sans pacifier