Getting Out Of The House Is Hard. Ugh!

I forgot how hard it is to do simple tasks with an infant… like getting out of your house 😳

Earlier this week I spent the bulk of my afternoon attempting to get out of my house to take a walk with my three kids. It was impossible and I gave up. My two big kids were mad, my baby was screaming, it was terrible.

I survived. And I want to talk to you about why that stuff happens and what to do about it.

💙This video is part of my series, A Sleep Expert Has A Baby – A Digital Diary. Visit my website for all diary entries. Follow along while I practice what I preach and do things with my own baby that I teach to my clients every day – soothing strategies, swaddling, scheduling, feeding patterns, sleep training, etc. You’ll see the good days and the bad days, the successes and the failures. I’m showing it all in hopes that this peek into my life helps you in your life.💙