Get Your Kids to Listen

I’m sure my passion for sleep isn’t exactly a secret to anyone who follows me, but I also know it’s not the only issue that parents face. A well-rested baby makes life easier for everyone on a whole variety of other parenting challenges, but it’s not like your kids are going to be perfect angels just because they’re getting enough sleep. They’re going to throw tantrums, they’re going to test the boundaries, and maybe the most frustrating one of all, they’re going to ignore you.

Which, and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way, is seriously annoying.
When you’re running around the house, madly trying to get everything ready for the day, packing lunches, scheduling appointments, tracking down lost shoes, and any of the 1000 other responsibilities you have, and your little one seems to have completely tuned out your sixth request for them to get their coat on, the frustration level can really hit a peak.

So today, I’ve got a quick video for you with some simple, effective tips to help you improve your communication strategy with your child, and dare I say it, actually get them to listen to you!