Episode 120 – Necessity is the Mother of Invention

When I originally created the Sleep Sense Program 14 years ago, I didn’t intend to make a business out of it. It was just my personal solution to the problem of my first-born not sleeping. Many entrepreneurs start out this way. They’re not looking to start a business, they’re just people who’ve come up with a better way of doing things.

That’s why, at this particularly challenging point in time, I’m delighted to bring you the story of Cara Sayer, the creator of Snoozeshade.

In 2009, Cara was a mum who needed a solution to a problem she had (and knew that many other parents had) – how to get her baby to sleep when they were out and about.

With no experience in retail or manufacture she invented what is now the UK and US best-selling range of baby sun and sleep shades – SnoozeShade – which are recommended by baby experts, loved by parents and have won over 70 awards. Cara has grown SnoozeShade from one product to thirteen (with versions for strollers, infant car seats and pack’n’plays) and has helped hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide. I found her story funny, fascinating, and super-relatable. Give it a listen and I’m sure you will too! You can check out Cara’s amazing line of baby sleep products at www.snoozeshade.com