Ditching Mom Guilt, Setting Boundaries and Creating Balance In Your Life with Stacey Olson

Who doesn’t like the idea of creating balance in your life? But it can be easier said that done. Mom guilt and setting boundaries often come into play. If you struggle to find a good balance between being a parent and all the other aspects of your life or do you beat yourself up with guilt over the things you have to say no to and you want to create more balance in your life, this episode is for you.
Stacey Olson as my guest this week on the podcast. Stacey is a Leadership and Positive Psychology Certified Coach, and a mom. She helps leaders and professionals at all levels create more balance and experience less stress while they juggle being a parent, a high performer at work, and all the other aspects of their life. She is also a good friend of mine who often helps me reframe my thoughts when I’m frustrated or overwhelmed.
Stacey and I covered so much in our conversation – how parents can identify their true priorities, set boundaries to find a life balance that works for them, and “turn down the volume” (as she puts it) on guilt and negative self-talk. I love the aspects of mindfulness she brings into parenting and am going to try to implement some of the strategies she presented.
Plus she shared a document you can download with specific language examples for setting boundaries!
Download Stacey’s document on boundary setting language:

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