Caring For Yourself During Infertility and IVF With Michelle Streeter

Caring for yourself during infertility and IVF can be a real challenge. My episode this week is focused on how you can care for yourself throughout the infertility and IVF journey.
My conversation with Michelle Streeter, an infertility and IVF support coach, is a candid one. Michelle shared how she dealt with her own infertility and what prompted her to start her business, thrIVF, to support other couples who struggled like she and her husband did.
The focus of our conversation was how you can find a way to focus on caring for yourself if you are experiencing infertility and/or going through IVF. Michelle offers suggestions on recognizing the joy in your life along the way, and how to identify and accept the support you need. She stresses that IVF is not something you should tackle on your own. A support network is crucial.

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