Ask Daniel #52: To Pexi, Anne, Wayne, Alex, Zoltan, Wayne and Animated Art

“I don’t feel like each second is ticking away like a countdown to my doom” – Pexi is completely removed from his 13 years of insomnia and shares an important insight. Anne wonders what she should do if she has irregular sleep wake rythm disorder (ISWRD). Alex has noted that even when he goes to bed later he still wakes up at the same time. Why is that? Zoltan had a falling out with a friend and this is disrupting his sleep. What to do? Wayne feels like his imagination won’t flow the moment he goes to bed to sleep. Is there a way to open up his imagination, let it flow and start sleeping? Animated are is doing sooo much better and is looking forward to being awake at night, because that’s the time to watch some Netflix!

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