Ask Daniel #47: To Jane, Akash, Jau, Brent, Fei, Joseph, Ali, Juro, Vince, Lorena & AA

Colleen aka Jane has slept really well for three weeks after relaxing the CBTi rules! But can she have alcohol at night? Akash wonders if meditation and progressive muscle relaxation are part of CBTi. Jau ask about restless legs and a twitch from the right ankle when about to fall asleep. Brent is coming off medications and feels like he has little to no sleep drive. Is there a natural way to increase your sleep drive? Fei is coming of Seroquel. What’s the best way of coming off medications for sleep? Joseph has hallucinations, jerks and is afraid he may have sporadic fatal insomnia. Ali has found a way to rethink paradoxical, hypnic jerks and waking up after one hour of sleep and shares the mindset that has helped her get good sleep. Juro sleeps good for one week but then has a sleepless night. Is tis a normal part of getting into better sleep shape? Vince has a 2nd relapse. Or does he? Lorena wonders when it’s time to stop. using a sleep diary. AA asks if it’s ok to move his sleep window 45 minutes forward.

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Here are some playlists that I hope you’ll find helpful.

Core curriculum – a collection of the most important insights, a great place to start.

Success stories – if you need hope and inspiration, this is for you.

Insomnia insight – a list of every single episode.

Talking insomnia – guests with trouble sleeping or experts share their stories / tips.

Hypnic jerks, sudden awareness of falling asleep and other common issues.

Fatal insomnia – for those concerned about ffi and sfi.


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