Ask Daniel #18: To Ann, Alex/Linda, Vince, Jay and Lena

Ann has had insomnia for 20 years and has come off Zoplicone but wonders that her next steps should be. Linda answers a shout out from Alex, explaining that trying not to give SA (sudden awareness or falling asleep) attention may become an active effort which backfires. Vince is less stressed but still has superficial sleep. Lena wonders if she should to CBTi to have less SA episodes.

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Here are some playlists that I hope you’ll find helpful.

Core curriculum – a collection of the most important insights, a great place to start.

Success stories – if you need hope and inspiration, this is for you.

Insomnia insight – a list of every single episode.

Talking insomnia – guests with insomnia or experts share their stories / tips.

Hypnic jerks, sudden awareness of falling asleep and other common issues.

Fatal insomnia – for those concerned about ffi and sfi.


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