A Simple Bedtime Routine That Takes 30 Minutes Or Less

Consistent and simple bedtime routines set the stage for a good night of sleep. Can you complete your baby or child’s bedtime routine in 30 minutes or less? Are you confident in the steps in the routine?
You’ve heard it before… a consistent bedtime routine is important. It’s a key component of healthy sleep habits. But a short routine is also important. The bedtime routine from bath to lights out doesn’t need to take more than 30 minutes.
In episode 91 of How Long ‘Til Bedtime, I’m detailing the steps of my ideal bedtime routine. This is a routine you can implement with your infant, and then continue to use as your child rolls into toddlerhood, preschool and even early elementary. There are some minor tweaks to make along the way (which I also covered), but the routine essentially stays the same.
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