9 Ways to Burn More Fat While You Sleep

Did you know that the best time to lose weight is while you’re sleeping? In this video, I’ll reveal 9 ways you can burn fat faster while you sleep, so that you can look better, have more energy, and feel great again.

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✅ Timeline

00:00 Introduction
00:19 1. Maximize growth hormone
01:17 2. Optimize good breathing
02:19 3. Limit eating time window
04:35 4. Cut down carbs and sugar
07:06 5. Wean from medication
09:49 6. Lower stress
11:20 7. Avoid seed oils
12:21 8. Raise vitamin D
13:15 9. Sleep 7-8 hours
14:34 Recap/summary
15:25 How you can lose weight naturally without cardio or counting calories

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