82. The Postpartum Journey from the Perspective of Three Husbands with Mike, Alex and Todd

Last May, in recognition of Maternal Mental Health Awareness month, we shared several very personal stories of postpartum anxiety and depression across four episodes of How Long ‘Til Bedtime. As we discussed then, it is believed that 1 in 5 new moms experience some level of perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. And when a new mom experiences postpartum anxiety or depression, her partner is 50% more likely to also experience anxiety or depression.

So this year, as a follow up, we wanted to share a slightly different perspective on this very important topic. We have three men chiming in for today’s episode. Mike Vasquez and Todd Kennedy are married to women who shared their postpartum struggles with us in those episodes last May. And Alex Grant is the husband of a member of Allison’s Sleep Tight community. Allison asked Mike, Todd and Alex some questions about their own personal adjustment to parenthood and their experience of having a partner struggle with postpartum anxiety or depression.

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