7. Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First

Although her focus is on improving children’s sleep, Allison cares as much about the health and well-being of moms as she does about the health and well-being of their babies. Moms matter. You matter. And it’s important to remember that you can’t take care of all those around you if you haven’t first taken good care of yourself.

In this episode, Allison is going to share what happened to her when she decided to put her own oxygen mask on first. Her decision to prioritize herself has led her on a nearly two year health journey. She is sharing her own personal experience in hopes that all her listeners will consider putting their oxygen masks on as we prepare to enter a new year.

Allison’s health journey has given her several “a-ha” moments about her own wellness, and given her opportunities to educate her daughters about listening to their bodies about their health, too. She feels strongly that taking better care of herself has allowed her to be a better mom each day. She’s asking all moms to take twenty minutes today to set themselves up for better health and wellness. Listen in to hear her advice on how to do just that.

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