66. Hitting the Rolling Milestone with Dr Kristi Hammerle

As babies learn to roll it often has a significant impact on sleep. Sometimes it’s a positive impact and sometimes it’s a negative impact. Over the last year, Allison has had more and more families come to her with 6 and 7 month old babies who are not yet rolling and it has increased her interest in learning more about this big milestone.

So today, she’s joined by Dr. Kristi Hammerle of Year One Wellness. Dr. Hammerle is a pediatric physical therapist focused on the first year of life. They discuss when parents can expect a baby to be rolling, reasons a baby may be a late roller, whether it matters if your baby rolls belly to back or back to belly first, exercises you can do with your baby to strengthen the muscles needed for rolling, tips for making tummy time more enjoyable for baby, reasons why babies may need some help with this skill, how parents can find help if they think their baby needs to see a specialist in this area, and so much more.

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