6. Managing Family Expectations

Each year as the holidays approach, Allison’s clients begin asking for advice about navigating the opinions of family members and managing everyone’s expectations. So many parents battle feelings of dread, guilt and family pressure this time of year. Allison’s first ever podcast guest joins her for this important episode. She and her husband, Mike, have a candid conversation about how they approach this touchy topic in their marriage and with their extended families. They’ll share how advice they received from a marriage counselor years ago has proved to be the one tool that made all the difference.

They’ll share their story — from the rock bottom moment that led to their decision to prioritize their kids’ sleep, to the intentional way they approached their families with this news and how each side of the family reacted. Allison knows listeners will relate to the challenges they faced. Even after they had a plan in place, there were bumps along the way. We know you’ll enjoy hearing their conversation. And we hope it’ll help you and your partner make your own plan for this holiday season and beyond.

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