5. Holiday Travel and Sleep

This holiday season, many families are preparing to travel to visit family. Some of these trips will involve long car rides and some will involve air travel. Some families will go for a day trip and some will be away from home for days. Some will stay with family and some will stay in a hotel. Some parents will be sharing a room with their child. And some will travel to different time zones. Each of these scenarios poses its own unique challenges when it comes to keeping your baby or young child sleeping well. No matter what type of travel you have planned, Allison has you covered with tips and proven strategies to help you plan for a smooth trip that ensures everyone can stay well rested to enjoy the holiday fun.

In this episode, Allison will share her own personal experiences traveling with her two daughters. She’ll share why prioritizing your child’s daily routine and sleep schedule will help to keep everyone sane during the trip. Because she’s someone who likes to prepare and have a plan, she always plays out the worst case scenario. Your family will benefit from her planning. She’ll walk you through the steps to take in each travel situation.

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