3 Tips For Keeping Toddler Sleep On Track With a New Baby

If you’re expecting a new baby and you have a toddler, you’re going to want to hear my 3 tips for keeping toddler sleep on tack with a new baby.

The joy of growing your family is incomparable, but I know the challenges it can bring, especially when it comes to your toddler’s sleep schedule.

In this latest episode, I open up about my own experience when I welcomed my second baby into the family. The truth is, despite my best efforts, the transition was a mess and my newborn was sleeping through the night before I sorted out my toddler’s sleep.

The arrival of a new baby is a monumental shift for the whole family, including your older child. Unfortunately, it often triggers a pesky sleep regression that can make this transition even trickier. But fear not, because in Episode 97, I’ve got the solutions you’ve been seeking.

Imagine, avoiding the stress and confusion of a prolonged sleep regression during this precious time. That’s exactly what I’ve dedicated this episode to – empowering you with the knowledge and strategies to ease your family into this new chapter.

If the prospect of a new baby has you a tad anxious about your toddler’s sleep, this episode is an absolute must-listen.

Got burning questions about managing your toddler’s sleep amidst a new baby’s arrival? Drop them in the comments below – I’m here to help! Let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

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