3. Navigating the Fall Time Change

The dreaded fall time change is less than one week away. Cue the scary music! Parents fear this day and have nightmare stories about failed attempts at navigating through it in past years. Fear not, friend. Allison is ready to tackle this head-on with you. Once it’s over, she’ll have you
thinking of it as a non-event!

Tune in to hear what Allison recommends you do BEFORE the time change (hint: it’s easy!) and AFTER we’ve turned the clocks back. She’ll walk through step by step instructions for how to handle this for the entire family on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and beyond.

Does your child use a toddler clock or sleep light? Have you tried an approach to the time change that has not worked in the past for your family? Do you have a brand new baby who is not on a sleep schedule yet? She’s got you covered on all of these topics, too.

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