129. Co-Parenting and Single Parenting with Alicia Robertson

If you are separated, divorced, parenting solo or contemplating any of these situations, we know you’ll find support in this episode. But even if you parent in the same house with your children’s other parent, much of this parenting advice will apply to you as well.

Allison is joined by Alicia Robertson, a life coach, speaker and author, who supports women through the challenges of separation and divorce. Her goal is to help women take their power back one intentional and informed decision at a time.

Listen in as Allison and Alicia explore strategies for:
– taking care of yourself so you can be at your best for your family
– figuring out what self-care strategies are most effective for you
– determining and maintaining the priorities for your children as they travel between two houses
– cooperating with your co-parent to set up consistent routines and stability for your children
– approaching a separation or divorce with a project management mindset and learning to use your skills to manage your way through it
– battling mom guilt, shame and the fear that your children are struggling
– knowing when to hold structure for your child and when to provide extra support
– assessing how a life coach or a therapist can help you navigate this situation

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