109. The Role of Electrolytes in Reducing Pregnancy Fatigue with Elizabeth Newton

Allison is joined by Elizabeth Newton, a registered dietician and prenatal nutrition specialist, to discuss tips for batting fatigue during pregnancy. Elizabeth has a true passion for optimizing women’s energy and vitality during pregnancy with whole foods and holistic wellness.

While fatigue during pregnancy is complex and can often stem from a combination of multiple factors, one of the first things Elizabeth recommends to pregnant women looking to increase their energy level is to optimize their electrolyte intake.
Listen in to hear Elizabeth cover these topics and more:
– the importance of electrolytes during pregnancy and lactation
– which minerals are included under the electrolyte umbrella
– why salt is often misunderstood and the role it can play to improve your health during pregnancy, particularly with conditions such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes
– that all salt is not created equal and how to choose one that will help you meet your needs of trace minerals
– how to evaluate electrolyte powders and choose one that’s right for you
– her own DIY electrolyte recipe

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