104. What Your Child’s Preschool Teacher Wishes You Knew with Elizabeth Lane

Whether you have a child already in preschool or one who will start preschool in the years to come, we know you’ll learn something from this episode. Elizabeth Lane is a preschool teacher at St. Anne’s-Belfield in Charlottesville, Virginia and she’s discussing how best to prepare your child for success in preschool. Listen in to hear Allison and Elizabeth discuss these topics:
– Building Independence: Discover the tools you can provide to help your child thrive in a school environment and become more self-reliant.
– Home-Based Skills: Learn about the small but mighty skills you can nurture at home to ease your child’s transition into preschool.
– Tearful Goodbyes: Navigate the challenges of drop-off time and handle both your child’s and your own emotions with grace and understanding.
– Communication is Key: Explore effective language strategies to help your child cope if they struggle to say goodbye to a caregiver.
– Reluctant Mornings: Get tips on motivating a hesitant child in those early morning hours.
– Reading Readiness: Discover when your child is developmentally ready to embark on their reading journey and whether to focus on learning to read at home

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