103. Sleep SOS – 8 Year Old Can’t Fall Asleep On Her Own

In this Sleep SOS episode, a listener asks how to help an eight year old who says she can’t fall asleep on her own. Allison has the answer for this listener, plus some general guidelines for helping older kids get enough sleep.

Two weeks ago, Allison asked her Instagram community to submit questions about their child’s sleep. Jenna, a mom of an 8 year old girl, shared that her daughter struggles to fall asleep on her own. If Jenna or her husband stays in the room with her until she falls asleep, she often wakes as they leave and often becomes very agitated.

In this episode, Allison provides Jenna with the steps she recommends they take to get sleep back on track, as well as language Jenna can use with her daughter to explain the changes they need to make. Plus, she offers general advice for parents with older kids who would like to improve their child’s sleep as well.

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