10 Ways You Can Prevent Dementia – An ENT Surgeon’s Perspective

Are you or someone in your family having memory problems, or suffering from dementia? If you do your research, you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds of reasons for dementia and ways to avoid it. In this video, I’ll reveal 10 common and uncommon items that are known to worsen dementia and memory loss. I guarantee there will be a few that you’ll be surprised to hear about.

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✅ Timeline:

00:00 Introduction
02:11 1. Poor sleep / obstructive sleep apnea
05:05 2. Obesity / metabolic dysfunction
07:08 3. Certain medications
08:56 4. Low vitamin D
09:23 5. Fluoride
11:19 6. Aluminum
12:04 7. Mercury
12:56 8. Head Trauma
13:34 9. Lack of Social Networks & Relationships
14:25 10. General Anesthesia
15:09 Summary & Tips to Avoid Dementia


There were too many references to fit in YouTube’s text file size in descriptions. Click on the link to download the PDF, which as active links: https://wp.me/a2Bmd7-3vw


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